Interview Henri-Xavier Benoist

Inspired-Search | 15 June 2016

One in every six vehicles drives on tyres made by the Bridgestone Corporation. Under brand names such as Bridgestone, Firestone and Dayton it has, over the last 85 years, built up a 15% global market share just ahead of michelin and Goodyear. Today it employs over 144,000 people worldwide and operates 171 plants. The mission for the Tokyo-based company and the world’s largest tyre manufacturer is to achieve Dan-totsu – to be an absolute and undisputed leader – in all aspects of business. To maintain market leadership and in line with its commitment to be lean and strategic it is transforming its supply chain. Not only is this designed to improve customer service, it has already led to an eye-opening reallocation of costs. In charge of the new strategy in Europe is Henri-Xavier Benoist.

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Interview conducted by Edwin Tuyn and Martijn Lofvers, written bij Helen Armstrong.
Photography: Ton Zonneveld.