Interview Ivanka Janssen

Inspired-Search | 15 June 2016

Two years ago Diageo, the global leader in beverage alcohol with iconic brands including Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff and Guinness, embarked on a Route to Consumer programme. this is an end-to-end Supply Chain transformation and a shift in the way that Diageo gets its brands from its own and third party manufacturing facilities to bars, restaurants, hotels and retailers, both directly or through a network of distributors. the aim is to grow in an even more sustainable and profitable way. the Route to Consumer programme brings together the product flow from plant to retailer to consumer activities at point of purchase, all to service the consumer experience Diageo is trying to create.

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Interview conducted by Oskar Verkamman and Martijn Lofvers, written bij Helen Armstrong.
Photography: Ton Zonneveld.