How strong is your personal brand?

Inspired-Search | 24 November 2017

Not so long ago, a good CV – and sometimes a recommendation – was sufficient to secure an invitation for an interview. Nowadays, however, as a senior professional you need to do more to get yourself noticed for an interesting position. Personal branding is the key to advancing your career, whether within your current organization or by switching to a new employer.

Corporate recruiters and executive search consultants all scrutinize social media such as LinkedIn for appealing profiles. Prior to inviting you for a first interview, they also ‘google’ your name to see if any additional information is available. So even if you have an excellent CV, an impressive career track record and are able to tick most – or even all – of the boxes in terms of the requirements for the position, if your profile is insufficiently visible or lacks appeal, you won’t be considered. Personal branding is becoming more and more important, and that means actively developing and maintaining your online profile.

Conveying your professional reputation and experience, career path and industry involvement, your personal brand sums up what you have to offer. In that sense, it holds a promise of what you are able to contribute to an organization in terms of both your future performance and the values you hold. Branding your online profile encourages the recruitment decision-makers reviewing it to take you seriously; the aim is to make them feel that they must meet you in person. Highlighting your personal brand characteristics in your profile – your energy, uniqueness, determination and drive – will give recruiters a clear sense of where you can add value and whether you are a good match with the company culture. Setting yourself apart from other candidates vying for the same position will attract positive attention, increasing the likelihood that you will be placed at the top of the interview list.

Personal branding is not only about the contents of your CV, but is also about being visible to decision-makers. In order to appear on the first few pages of a particular LinkedIn or Google search, it is important to have a strong LinkedIn profile with the right keywords in your elevator pitch or brand statement. Another step you can take to increase the value of your personal brand is to boost your level of activity, such as writing blogs, giving guest lectures at universities and speaking at conferences (preferably also making and posting video clips of your appearances).

In this day and age, you have a personal brand whether you like it or not; in today’s connected world, every action you take transmits some kind of personal message. If you fail to play an active part in improving your industry, people will start to notice – and it is unlikely to influence their professional opinions of you in a positive manner. So take control of your personal brand and invest in your image…and hence your future.

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Written by: Edwin Tuyn, Managing Director Inspired-Search

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