Inspired-Search: headhunters in supply chain management

People make the difference in the supply chain.

With years of experience in supply chain management, Inspired-Search is a valuable and substantive sparring partner in recruiting and selecting the right professionals for senior leadership positions.

Since 2005, we have been working with multi-nationals, SMEs, family businesses, scale-ups and start-ups in a wide variety of industries to find the right people who make the difference. Logistics service providers also find their way to Inspired-Search

Together with the stakeholder in a recruitment and selection process, Inspired-Search ensures the right fit from a functional, personal, cultural and an inclusiveness perspective.

Inspired-Search has a large and active network that knows no boundaries. For many years, we have been speaking to top executives to hear how they look at developments in the supply chain. What is crucial to them for ultimate supply chain leadership and what their personal drivers are. We like to share this knowledge with our network and use it to go ‘beyond the match in supply chain’.

Samples of executive search assignments successfully completed by Inspired-Search in the past:


Chief Operating Officer for global consumer electronics manufacturer.

Head Global Distribution

An international with production in china and a global distribution network.

Supply Chain Director

A top player in the consumer electronics segment a Supply Chain Director Europe.

Dir Global Supply planning

For a leading manufacturer in the international world of paint and coatings.

Europees project

We completed 13 assignments for a top-three global automotive manufacturer.

General Manager

A US-based logistics service provider with toonaage network in Euro

Other assignments: VP / Supply Chain Director; COO; M&A Director; VP / Director Logistics; Global Supply Chain Director; S&OP Director; IBP Director; General Manager; Managing Director; Global Head of Procurement; Sourcing Director; Vice President Operations; European Supply Chain Director; Site Director; Plant Manager; Supply Chain Manager; Operations Director.


We switch gears at lightning speed so you don’t get delayed in your recruitment process.


We make no compromise on the quality of our search and candidates. Guaranteed!


We only place experienced people with a relevant background in the job and industry.

Our background and knowledge of the industry

Inspired-Search’s senior partners come with deep industry knowledge and experience. From planning, procurement, sourcing, manufacturing to logistics. They themselves have spent years at the helm of major international operations. Combined with an interest in the person behind the candidate, they are able to make an excellent match like no other.

Benefits of working with an executive search firm:

  • Access: The market is tight in terms of supply of good people and ample in terms of vacant positions. People are over demanded but through our lines we often have direct access to candidates.
  • Expertise: Inspired-Search has the knowledge and experience needed to find the right candidate for your specific job requirements. We have an extensive network (largest in Europe) and can conduct quick and targeted searches for the right candidate.
  • Access to “hidden” candidates: Many qualified candidates for executive positions are not actively looking for new challenges, but are interested in suitable opportunities. Inspired-Search has the ability to identify and target these “hidden” candidates.
  • Objectivity: Inspired-Search is independent and objective. We work with you to find the right candidate without being influenced by internal political or personal relationships.
  • Objectivity: Assessments help reduce subjectivity and bias in the recruitment process because they work on the basis of facts and objective data rather than subjective opinions.
  • Speed: Inspired-Search is focused on speed and efficiency and can often deliver qualified candidates within a short period of time.
  • Benchmarking: Due to the many assignments we have done in the past, we have a good idea of what the best organisational fit for a position might be. We help think about the role, filling and position within the organisation.

WHY Inspired-Search?

Deep and long-standing industry with functional area experience. Inspired-Search’s senior partners come from the industry and have worked as operations managers themselves.

Because of its personal contact with many candidates, Inspired-Search manages to connect with the right people better than generic recruiters.

Proven track record in executive search and interim management. Both services can be offered in combination.

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