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Interim management as a solution

In any business, situations can arise where action is needed at short notice. A recruitment process quickly takes several months. An interim manager for your supply chain might be the solution.

Our interim managers can usually meet with you within two days and are often active on your assignment within a week.

All our interim managers have in-depth knowledge of the function areas: Planning, Sourcing, Procurement, Manufacturing / Production / Logistics.

Sample interim assignments successfully
completed by Inspired-Search in the past:

Operations Director

Operational Management of multiple Industrial Bakeries with production for the international market.

S&OP design & implement

Design and implementation of a complete S&OP strategy and operation for a global player in international seed breeding.

Europa 3PL implementation

Selecting and Implementing a European 3PL solution for a global manufacturer of high-tech sporting goods.

Supply Chain Leader

Inspired-Search has filled several interim positions for a potato products manufacturer, including a SC Leader.

Supply Chain Manager

Inspired-Search provided a temporary Manager Supply Chain for a producer of plant-based ingredients.

Managing Director

For a, European-based, private label manufacturer of water ice cream, Inspired-Search has placed a Managing Director.

Other assignments: VP / Supply Chain Director; COO; M&A related integration; Managing international operations; Plant/ factory set up; Move of DC/Warehouse; Operational Integrations; Temporarily back fill of positions; Procurement Management; Logistics Management; S&OP and Demand planning; Sourcing; Plant and Site Management.


We act at lightning speed so that you have a suitable interim manager at the earliest possible moment.


We make no concessions whatsoever on the quality of our interim managers. Guaranteed!


We only place very experienced people with a relevant background in the job and industry.

Isn’t hiring an interim manager too costly?

The first question we often get is whether an interim manager is too expensive. An interim manager is more expensive but the difference on an annual basis is smaller than you might think. On average, an interim manager is “only” between 10 and 15 per cent more expensive compared to a permanent employee. If we include flexibility in the calculation, it could even be cheaper. The contract with an interim worker is terminable per month. A contract with a permanent employee is not easily terminable.

Advantages of an interim supply chain manager

  • Flexibility: Interim managers are often available at short notice and can be deployed quickly. This makes them ideal for companies that need temporary support, such as during a growth or change period.
  • No learning curve, immediately affective.
  • Specialist knowledge: Interim managers have years of experience in specific industries or functions, giving them specific knowledge and skills that can be of value to a company.
  • Objectivity: Interim managers have no ties to the company they work for, so they can often make more objective decisions than permanent employees.
  • Process improvement: Interim managers are experienced in analysing existing processes and implementing improvements. As a result, they can help a company operate more efficiently and effectively.
  • Scalability: Interim managers can be scaled up or down according to the company’s needs. For example, if there is less work, an interim manager can simply not be used anymore.
  • If the interim manager is sick it does not cost money, replacements can be arranged.
  • If the interim manager is on holiday then the bill stops, with a permanent employee this is not the case.
  • Recruiting an interim manager is much faster than recruiting a permanent employee. You can think in days rather than months. Also, there are no recruitment costs.
  • You do not pay the interim manager for pension, lease car or year-end bonus.

Why Inspired-Search?

Deep and long-standing industry and functional area experience. Inspired-Search’s senior partners come from the industry and have themselves worked as interim managers.

Inspired-Search has no interim manager on the payroll, resulting that the best man/woman for the job can always be found. No pressure to place an idle interim manager.

Proven track record in interim management and executive search. Both services can be offered in combination.

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