Interview David Prinselaar

Inspired-Search | 19 October 2020

Inspired-Search’ Managing Director Oskar Verkamman spoke with David Prinselaar, Chief Supply Chain Officer at AkzoNobel. In March 2019, Prinselaar was appointed as Chief Supply Chain Officer and member of the executive committee. It’s Prinselaar’s job to change the mindset and culture and encourage collaboration among colleagues as he drives the integrated supply chain transformation. “Supply chain is the backbone to the success of a company. It can add value to both the top line and the bottom line. Having successfully driven the functional agenda over the last years, the next step is to help the business become more strategic and competitive.” While enthusiastic to make change, implementing a major transformation was, at that time, not straightforward.

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Interview conducted by Oskar Verkamman and Martijn Lofvers, written by Helen Armstrong.