Interview Jean Marc Lechêne

Inspired-Search | 4 November 2019

Inspired-Search’ Managing Director Oskar Verkamman spoke with Jean Marc Lechêne, Executive Vice President & COO at Vestas, the world’s largest supplier of wind energy systems, about supply chain optimization and transformation by taking into account the full value chain.

Love them or hate them, wind turbines have become part of the modern landscape. As global demand for renewable energy increases as it becomes cheaper and more efficient, wind systems providers such as Vestas are striving to keep up with the relentless growth and fast pace of new product introduction.

Besides technological leadership, what has kept Vestas one step ahead of competition in the past seven years is its cross functional three–phase transformation program called “Accelerate Earnings”, that culminates in end-to-end, full value chain optimisation. “We’ve changed from silo mentality to working as a cross-functional team and have developed an open book relationship with many of our strategic suppliers. After all, we’re all on the same boat,” says Lechêne.

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Interview conducted by Oskar Verkamman and Martijn Lofvers, written by Helen Armstrong.
Photography: Ton Zonneveld.