Identifying and attracting the right candidate in supply chain, manufacturing, or logistics takes more than a match at a functional level: In executive search and recruitment, the personal profile of the candidate and the cultural match with the company is just as, if not more, important. This applies for permanent positions as well as interim management.

Supply chain, manufacturing and logistics executive search at its best for The Netherlands, Europe and Asia.

We work in a small, dedicated team of entrepreneurial and dynamic individuals. Over the years, we have established a large and constantly expanding network within the logistics and supply chain industry worldwide.

Our approach as supply chain headhunter

Our approach can be described as personal, professional and project-based. We pursue a long-term vision, both for our candidates (advice on career development) and for our clients (advice on securing the right match in accordance with the organisational strategy). By working together with our clients, we make every search an unique process. In all our projects we harbour a sincere interest in, and understanding of, development of personal careers and the larger goals of the organisation.