Most complicated recruitment process in mankind…..

Inspired-Search | 16 April 2018

Would you ever consider to apply for a job with the following elements in the job description:

  1. you sign up for the rest of your life, no quitting possible….
  2. you will have no holidays, pretty much 24/7/365 kind of job….
  3. you will never see your friends and family again….
  4. you will earn the bare minimum and you will have no means spending your earnings….

This is exactly what the job description for the Mars One Astronaut looks like. Mars One will establish the first permanent human settlement on the planet Mars. Candidates will sign up for a one way ticket to Mars and will never return back to planet Earth.

Mission impossible you might think but over 200.000 people signed up for this position. Below a sort interview with the CEO of Mars One on the recruitment process of the Mars One Astronauts.