Digital Supply Chain & Logistics 4.0 Summit + Pre-conference webinar

Inspired-Search | 20 July 2020

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Digital Supply Chain & Logistics 4.0 Summit 2020

The Digital Supply Chain & Logistics 4.0 Summit, organized by Aim Global Excellence which will be held October 15th and 16th, aims to provide the audience with the most up-to-date innovative technologies and how they can utilize Digital Transformation to overcome their day-to-day challenges at the workplace.
This summit will also provide the necessary insights and solutions into how companies can overcome the sudden challenges caused by the spread of COVID-19 and how they can increase resiliency in their post pandemic supply chain operations.


To download the event brochure with information about the discussed key topics, speakers, precautionary measures due Covid-19 and the full agenda, click here at the download button.

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Meet us - Digital Supply Chain & Logistics 4.0 Summit - Amsterdam 15-16 October 2020 - Inspired-Search


Pre-conference webinar 2020

Prior to this event, Aim Global Excellence also organises a pre-conference (free) webinar, which will be held Thursday August 20th from 3PM to 5PM CET on the theme “Post Pandemic Supply Chain & Logistics Management”. 


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