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Boon Edam is a global market leader in entry solutions with offices across the world. Although the company currently employ over 1,300 people worldwide, they remain a family company at heart. Boon Edam is proud that a large number of the people working with them have been with the company for over a decade. They have joined Boon Edam at the start of their career and have developed themselves with the company through their internal training and career development programmes. They are characterised by their drive and dedication; drive to create the most premium entry solutions and dedication towards the company, our colleagues and our customers. They take that extra step to make sure our clients are fully satisfied with our service and expect our staff to show the flexibility needed to achieve this. 

Boon Edam produces, custom made, revolving doors, speed gates, access gates, full height turnstiles and other entry solutions. They provide this entry solutions to airports, data centres, hospitals, corporate headquarters, hotels & restaurants and retail.

The Boon Edam Group has its Headquarters in Edam, three major manufacturing sites in The Netherlands, China and United States, four Distribution and Support Centres in same areas as the factories and Malaysia for APAC region and sixteen Boon Edam Sales & Operations subsidiaries and many distributors worldwide.

The purpose of the Boon Edam Regional Distribution & Support Centre EMEA (D&SC EMEA) is giving all Sales & Operations Subsidiaries (S&O subsidiaries) in the EMEA region access to the full range of products and services in most effective and efficient way. The D&SC functions as liaison between S&O subsidiaries and factory in the EMEA region with supporting disciplines in Commercial S&O Support, Specials Inquiries, After Sales & Warranty, Technical Training & Support and Supply Chain Management.

The D&SC EMEA is part of a global network of regional D&SC’s in Boon Edam’s main business areas in EMEA, Asia (China and APAC) and America. Besides the supporting role the D&SC is responsible for the Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) its region ensuring optimal synchronization of Demand & Supply in the EMEA region. The D&SC EMEA is required to seek for synergies in one way of working, combining technical knowledge, best practices & tools and balancing demand and supply on a global level in the best way possible, logistics in most efficient way and compliant to all export regulations. This network of regional D&SC’s is part of the Boon Edam discipline Global Supply Chain Management.


The assignment in the first 1-2 years is to take the D&SC EMEA organisation to the next level by guiding its employees in finding ways to contribute to the D&SC EMEA’s main objectives and by ensuring the further capture, optimization and distribution of the (end-to-end) processes – in line with the global Boon Edam strategy. All whilst ensuring our subsidiaries remain optimally supported and informed. Furthermore, we want our next managing director to lead by example and transform the culture of the current D&SC EMEA to a culture that reflects both the Boon Edam strategy and the Boon pride and enthusiasm of our employees. 

After the first period the Managing Director will put more focus on the alignment with other business areas within Boon Edam, such as the factories and D&SC’s in other regions, and broaden the support to S&O subsidiaries.

Objective of the Role
The Director D&SC EMEA’s main goal is to improve the added value of the D&SC by an excellent operational performance in alignment with strategic objectives and operational goals and making sure all operational performance is carried out compliant with Boon Edam policies and objectives. 

He/she manages the organisation by creating an inspirational environment with clear instructions and delegated tasks and control mechanism by using D&SC dashboards with operational and financial KPI’s.

Results area’s
Manages the business model. Systematically models the organizational structure by initiating, reinforcing or scaling back corporate activities aligned with the BE group strategy. Schedules the strategic themes that need to be realized through organizational change. Monitors, guides and adjust the change programs so that the business model continues to provide for the corporation’s continuity.

Is responsible for the operational management, the result and the return of an independent business unit with diverse in(ter)dependent units that are responsible for giving the Boon Edam Sales branches access to the full range of products and services in most effective and efficient way and function as front office for local factory. Manages the cohesion between the primary process, sales and the staff departments (Finance, HRM, ICT etc.). Is responsible for the business activities’ efficiency.

Is responsible for the team formation and the cooperation of the (management) team. Coaches team members on individual performance, style and learning ability. Systematically improves the team’s efficiency.

Performance Indicators

Growing efficiency and profitability in line with the Group’s Strategy objectives;
Creating and maintaining an effective and professional D&SC including cooperation with the different D&SC‘s worldwide;
Introducing best and consistent policies, procedures, practices and activities;
Realizing well educated, knowledgeable and professionals within the D&SC organization;
Realising coherent and uniform international service and support to the sales subsidiaries.
Quality control;
Process control;
Environmental control;
Efficiency/ productivity improvement;
Result driven.

Directors Position in the Group
The Director D&SC EMEA reports in a hierarchical relationship to the Executive Board in an operational relationship to the Global Supply Chain Director. The Director D&SC EMEA manages the management team of his/her organisation.


Behavioural profile
The Director D&SC EMEA manages an independent business unit and ensures the supporting (staff) processes are fully integrated into the organization. Initiates important innovative investment projects and programs. Determines the financing (budget) for these projects and programs and monitors the efficiency.

Has a clear and appealing idea of the entire organization and defines important policy themes, areas where the organization needs to change. Ensures coherence between the department plans and indicates priorities within the desired organization-wide changes. Determines change processes that ensure the organization’s continuity.

The Director D&SC EMEA successfully deals with organization-wide change processes, with concern for complex interests and internal tensions. Tackles strategic, tactical and operational themes within the management team and assures alignment with (strategical) stakeholders like International Product Engineering, Research & Development, Product Management and Global Supply Chain Management (including Global Procurement). Is a real people manager, sets the standards for others, addresses others regarding those standards and takes pleasure from doing so. Delegates tasks when possible, creates space for talent development and coaches team members regarding their development and performance. Maintains (international) relationships with the major external stakeholders and knows how to persuade them of the organizational plans. 


Higher Vocational Education/Academic level (with a preference in Technical areas and/or Supply Chain Management);
Relevant management experience (>5 years), with a preference in B2B in construction industry and/or services;
Excellent written and verbal communication skills; 
Fluency in Dutch and English;
Convincing and performance-oriented attitude;
Relevant experience with International Business;
Driven, respectful, dedicated, decisive, team player;
Willingness to travel;
Able to build and manage a team as well as train entry-level personnel
Knowledgeable of Lean Manufacturing Practices (Lean Six Sigma black belt is a pre)
Strong personality with high sense of responsibility and accountability
Customer oriented 
International business experience is pre
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
Good knowledge of Business Processes 
Excellent verbal, technical writing and interpersonal skills

Ability to work efficiently and accurately on multiple projects simultaneously to meet set goals and timelines

Personal profile

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