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The Mustad Hoofcare Group is the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of hoofcare products, serving the needs of farriers. As a seventh-generation family business, Mustad has been closely working and engaging with its customers, suppliers, and employees to ensure it delivers exceptional products across the world. They have their own distribution and are local present in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. 

Mustad offers some of the highest quality products on the market including horseshoe nails, horse shoes, horse rasps and farrier tools, as well as specialty products for the care of horse’s hooves. Farriers from all over the world are using Mustad products with an important goal: to shoe their horses in the best possible way. The Group recently renewed their mission statement to “Making Life Easier for Farriers!”.

The Mustad Group has been active in the hoofcare market for almost two centuries. Now into its seventh generation of family ownership, the Mustad group of companies got its start in 1832 in Norway when Hans Skikkelstad started using waterpower to work with steel imported from Sweden. When he died at the age of 56, his son-in-law Ole Mustad took over the company and became the first in a long line of Mustad family members involved in the horseshoe nail making business. In later years, Mustad acquired the Capewell and Cooper nail brands and St. Croix Forge, as well the Delta Horseshoe Co. in North America. Companies in other parts of the world were also acquired by the Mustad group.

Once part of the bigger Mustad Family Imperium (fish hooks, etcetera), the Hoofcare business was split from the other businesses in 1977. In 2006, represented by Hans Mustad (CEO) and his near-cousin Clarin Mustad (Advisory Board), bought the shares from their parents and took over management of the group (each 50%). 

Mustad is active in almost 100 countries worldwide, working from office operations in 16 different countries and running 7 factories. With Key management based in Lelystad in the Netherlands. 

The Mustad Hoofcare Group employs over 660 people, passionate about the industry and the products and loyal to the company. It has been a company and business principle to strongly believe in educating and giving back to the industry, which helps maintaining a strong and healthy industry which is good for business.  Mustad’s overall revenues are about Euro 100M, made all over the world, about 30% in the EU, about 30% in Latin Americas, about 30% in USA and about 10% in Asia/Australia. 

The Global Demand- & Supply Lead Traded Items & ESO (External Supplier Organizations) owns the Demand Plans for traded items in all 4 regions (North America; LatAM; APAC and EMEA). The position also owns and chairs the monthly Global ESO- & Traded Items Supply Review. 

Purpose of the role is to, in accordance with the agreed regional Demand Plans, ensure local availability of ESO- & traded items, whilst staying within the agreed inventory value bandwidths. Next to that this role performs demand trends analysis (and discusses the outcomes with Sales in the Demand Review), supply risks mitigation work (and brings -potential- external manufacturing capacity issues, tier 1 or -2 raw material supplier delivery issues, or maintenance shutdowns to the Supply Review) and supports Innovation when developing new products that will not be manufactured within the existing Mustad Production network.        

Main Tasks & Responsibilities
Monthly update of the regional Demand Plans for Traded- & ESO items (due to e.g. events, promo’s, new product introductions, new countries / customers)
Participant in all global Monthly Demand Reviews (currently US; Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Sweden, Netherlands, Turkey, Morocco and Australia)
Work in close collaboration with Sales & Innovation 
Communicates, leads & decides about what’s flowing through the “internal Supply Chain gateway” to the Mustad commercial- & finance colleagues 
Owner of the monthly Supply Review for Traded- & ESO items
Chairs, prepares and facilitates the monthly Traded- & ESO items Supply review
Decides on Purchase-volumes and is “spend accountable” for the “Master Purchase Plan” (this includes managing the past- & future outstanding purchase order lines)
Monitors, manages and reports on inventory volumes, values and MOH
Calculates and proposes the minimum- and maximum inventory levels in cooperation with detailed scheduling and, after confirmation by Head of regional SC; sets/adjust in the system(s)  
Owns the Traded- & ESO items Master-data in our ERP & planning software system
Agree on supplier relation and build and maintain it; administrate & monitor contracts incl. pricing; parameter setting (e.g. MOQ, LT) and risk- & opportunity assessment
Reports key performance KPI’s (e.g. Supplier OTIF (dispatched), Supplier PPA, Traded- & ESO items DPA, -Bias and -Volatility, % at safety stock, inventory DSI, Customer OTIF (delivered)). Participates in portfolio rationalization debates
Communicates, leads & decides about what’s flowing through the “external Supply Chain gateway” to our Suppliers (e.g. information, goods) 

The Global Demand- & Supply Lead Traded Items & ESO is a member of the Global Supply Chain Leadership Team and reports to the Director Global Supply Chain & Procurement.

The ideal candidate should have a passionate interest in the modern supply chain management and working a small though globally active company.

Required Qualification 
Master or Bachelor degree in Business Management or Supply Chain Management; 
Having worked in Purchasing- and or Supply planning role
Having worked in Demand Planning role
In depth understanding of the S&OP principles
Experienced to work in/with ERP- , Planning- & data warehouse software 
Dynamics AX, Demand Solutions and power BI, is an advantage
APICS certification is an advantage

Personal skills
Strong analytical skills
This is a “staff-role”; working together with people (in- and out of Mustad) is more important than leading people
Strong communication skills
Is accustomed- and likes to work in a multidisciplinary, multicultural environment
Excellent / Fluent in English (Spanish is an advantage) 
Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Structured 
Willingness to travel


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