Interview Susanne Hundsbaek-Pedersen

Annelies | 21 november 2017

Until a few years ago the global health care company, Novo Nordisk, had a fragmented global supply chain. That changed when Susanne Hundsbæk-Pedersen broke down the silos and integrated the necessary corporate functions into a centralised supply chain set-up. The Senior VP of Devices & Supply Chain Management says adjusting her management style to ensure that digital natives entering the workforce have the freedom to fulfill their talents is necessary to drive optimisation further. “If we only take the traditional linear approach to optimisations and there is no space for mushrooming and experimentation, then at the end of day you build a culture where predictability takes priority and that does not always stimulate innovation.” She was recently voted Denmark’s Best Supply Chain Executive 2017.


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Interview uitgevoerd door Edwin Tuyn en Martijn Lofvers, geschreven door Helen Armstrong.
Fotografie: Ton Zonneveld.