Top 28 Supply Chain Executives in Europe 2017

Mariëlle Wester | 6 december 2017

For the 3rd consecutive year Supply Chain Media in collaboration with Inspired-Search evaluated and created a ranking of the Top 28 Supply Chain Executives in Europe.

Supply chain management is a people’s business. Like chess, it requires strategy, resources and most importantly, competent and visionary leaders behind the board making the right decisions. Unilever’s Marc Engels was named as Europe’s top Supply Chain Executive. Marc Engel has been Chief Supply Chain Officer at Unilever since February 2016. He started working for Unilever in 1990 as an Operations Manager. He stayed for three years, worked for Shell for two years and then returned to Unilever where he has worked in various roles ever since. He is the #1 SCM Executive based on company performance, with an EBIT growth of 3.45% in 2016, and a very active presence, both online with press releases and offline through interviews and attending conferences. Additionally, he is a Board Member of Unilever. Headhunters and professional peers in the SCM industry also voted him number 1.


Complete list of Europe’s top supply chain executives:

1         Marc Engel, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Unilever

2         Chris Tyas, Senior Vice President Supply Chain at Nestlé

3         Dirk Holbach, Corporate SVP, CSCO at Henkel

4         Johannes Giloth, Chief Procurement and SC Officer at Nokia

5         Susanne Hundsbæk-Pedersen, SVP Devices and SCM at Novo Nordisk

6         Paul Keel, SVP Supply Chain at 3M

7         Sikko Zoer, VP Customer Care & SC EMEA at Medtronic

8         Ivanka Janssen, VP Supply Chain Drinks Europe at PepsiCo

9         Sami Naffakh, SVP Supply Chain EMEA at Estee Lauder Companies Europe

10       Marc Joseph Gross, CSCO at Heineken

11       Roberto Canevari, CSCO at Burberry

12       Fares Sayegh, VP Supply Chain Europe at P&G

13       Jan Roodenburg, VP Enterprise Group – EMEA SC & Operations at HP

14       Ingrid Ebner, Director EU Supply Chain at Amazon EU Sarl

15       Ralf Bussche, CSCO at BASF

16       Patrick Dittli, Global Director Supply Chain Management at Metro

17       Thomas Schachner, SVP Global Supply Chain at Grohe

18       Mourad Tamoud, EVP Global Supply Chain Operations at Schneider Electric

19       Bernard Amoury, VP WW Supply Chain at Sanofi-Aventis

20       Stephan Gotthardt, SVP Supply Chain Europe at Teva

21       Daniel Helmig, Head of Supply Chain Management/CPO at ABB

22       Edwin van der Meerendonk, VP European Operations at Walt Disney

23       Philip Hodges, EVP Group Supply Chain at Carlsberg

24       Henri-Xavier Benoist, VP Logistics and Supply Chain Europe at Bridgestone

25       Alexander Bähr, Director SC Information and Integration at McDonald’s

26       Philippe François, VP Global Supply Chain at Novartis

27       Wim van Aalst, CSCO at Waitrose

28       Christrian Patras, SVP Supply Chain/Operations at PepsiCo