SCOR Model

Our field of professional expertise is related to the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR Model). Within this model we focus on positions at (senior) Vice President, (senior) Director and (senior) Manager level. We actively recruit candidates for positions that utilise the SCOR framework. These positions are typically in areas such as procurement, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics.

The Supply Chain Operations Reference or SCOR model is an internationally recognised and world’s leading supply chain framework which focuses on the four key supply chain processes: Plan, Source, Make, Deliver.

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This part of the SCOR model consists of processes that seek to create demand and supply plans, which includes sourcing, production and delivery requirements.

Typical positions that operate on this level are: Chief Operations Officer, (Senior) VP Supply Chain, Executive Director Supply Chain Planning, Supply Network Development Director, Demand Manager, S&OP Director / Manager.


Under this process, sourcing infrastructure is managed. Various activities like vendor certification and feedback, sourcing quality monitoring and vendor contracts are conducted.

Typical positions that operate on this level are: Chief Procurement Officer, VP Purchasing, Director Procurement, Supplier / Vendor Manager.


This level focuses on the manufacturing side of supply chain management and is aimed at producing the final product from either semi-finished products or raw materials.

Typical positions that operate on this level are: Plant Director, Manufacturing Director, Site Leader, Regional Director Operations, Production Manager, Lean Program Director, WCOM / Lean Manager.


Processes at this levelĀ are aimed at delivering the final product, such order management, warehouse management and transportation / delivery infrastructure management.

Typical positions that operate on this level are: VP Logistics, Site Director, Business Development Director, Vertical Industry Director, VP Commercial Relations, Operations Manager, Director Transport Management, Control Tower Lead, Director European Warehouse Network, Director Logistics Solutions.