Evie Jetten

Business Development & Recruitment Consultant


Since January 2020, Evie has been part of the Inspired team in her role as Business Development & Recruitment Consultant. At Inspired-Talent, Evie focuses on young talents, and finding the right match with inspiring companies within the field of Supply Chain.

Evie enjoys connecting people and information. Together with clients and candidates she aims to establish the best solution to match supply and demand. It is her ambition to take both the client and the candidate one step further and she strives for the best results with a positive impact. This can be achieved through placements at clients and and by connecting people through their knowledge, allowing them to learn from each other, for instance during workshops or training courses.

Study and work experience

Evie holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and likes to delve into unknown (social) issues and processes. She is curious, solution-oriented and skilled in establishing and maintaining contacts.

Together with clients and candidates Evie provides an overview of their wants, needs and ambitions for the future.


Evie is interested in what inspires people, seeking to understand a (business) culture and unravelling the associated structures and processes.

In her spare time, she likes running, yoga, and discovering other cultures by traveling, reading and their cuisine.


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Contact Evie Jetten

Business Development & Recruitment Consultant

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