Marielle van Gastel

Director Business Development Inspired-Talent

Marielle van Gastel is the Managing Partner and co-Founder of Inspired-Careers, which focuses on the recruitment of young talent and management in logistics and supply chain in Europe. Inspired-Careers has been a part of Inspired-Group since the end of 2009.

Inspired-Careers understands that developing innovative, sustainable, advanced products and solutions is critical. Not only for the succes of the company but for the world around us. Therefore Marielle and Inspired-Careers primarily focus on supply chain talents and companies who are aware of environmental issues (sustainability).

Marielle is engaged in recruitment and works actively on executive search assignments, but she also guides and coaches ambitious talent to help them forge successful careers.

Recruitment experience

After studying Marketing Management and Human Resource Management, Marielle found her passion for recruitment in 2000. She now has more than 16 years experience in recruitment for large-scale listed companies and mid-sized businesses in Europe.

Successful recruitment has everything to do with finding the perfect match. Besides the hard and soft skills of the potential candidate, for Marielle the perfect match hinges on the fundamental factor of whether or not there’s chemistry between two parties. Only when the match is truly perfect, both talents and organisations can work to realise their ambitions.

Her personal drive and endless energy show that no project is too big or too difficult: with creativity, Marielle works to turn problems into projects with clear goals and solutions.


Marielle has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management and Human Resource Management.

Interests and other activities

Marielle guides and coaches young talent and management and is connected to various associations and trade journals in logistics and supply chain. She often participates in roundtable discussions on logistics and supply chain and starred in The Fresh Connection, a competitively global played supply chain simulation game.

What inspires Marielle

Recruitment & Executive Search, Supply Chain, Sports (former atlete), Travelling, Cooking, Creative Art, Styling & Designing, Sustainability.


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Director Business Development Inspired-Talent

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