Beyond the match in supply chain

Identifying and attracting the right candidate in supply chain, manufacturing, or logistics takes more than a match at the functional level: In executive search and recruitment, the personal profile of the candidate and the cultural match with the company is just as, if not more, important. This applies for permanent positions as well as interim management.

Inspired-Search: Supply chain, manufacturing and logistics executive search at its best for The Netherlands, Europe and Asia.

SCOR model

Our field of professional expertise is related to the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR Model). Within this model we focus on positions at (senior) Vice President, (senior) Director and (senior) Manager level. We actively recruit candidates for positions that utilise the SCOR framework. These positions are typically in areas such as procurement, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics.

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Our team has professional expertise stemming from either or a combination of a background in supply chain / logistics, human resources and organisational psychology. We marry our seasoned industry knowledge and our understanding of human behaviour and organisational needs, with our extensive network to create the best match for both our clients and candidates.

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